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My air purifier seems to be emitting a scent.

I turned on my new purifier and the air smells different. What causes the fresh, noticeable scent?

If you purchased a G3 Series purifier, you are likely sensing the ions we use to decontaminate the air and surfaces in your home or office.
If you stand directly over the unit, you will experience a stronger level of those ions coming from the unit. The further you move away from the unit, the less you will notice it.
Place the unit in a central part of a room or house opposite of where you normally will sit or sleep. The fresh scent will be less noticeable. After a few days, what most customers -- and their visitors even more so -- notice is fresh, clean-smelling air. 
Occasionally we have customers who want a subtler, neutral air-cleaning experience or who may not enjoy the noticeable fresh scent. In that case, we recommend the Bi-Polar® 2400 whole-home purifier and/or the iAdaptAir® filtered purifier. These products use different ionization or filtration technologies.
We have great options, so reach out to chat. We care about your air, and we're here to help.