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What is the difference between a G3 Series (1000G3/3000G3) and an iAdaptAir®?

How do I choose between the various options for room air purifiers to use in my home or office?

Both offer great technologies for purifying the air and surfaces in your home or office.
The G3 Series (1000G3, 3000G3) is a simple device with an on/off switch that emits ions into the air space which deactivate contaminants. This is a subtle technology that is highly effective and works overtime to keep your air and surfaces clean.


The iAdaptAir® combines True HEPA and carbon filtration with ionization. This product will clear the air more quickly and it may be a more "complete" solution. The filtration system circulates the air to trap contaminants both alive and dead as they pass through the iAdaptAir.