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How do you clean a 1000G3/3000G3?

Air Oasis has provided instructions below for cleaning your G3 purifier.

Off / On Switch Base and Honeycomb - We recommend using a dry towel to wipe off dust and build up.

Aluminum Shell - We recommend using stainless steel/aluminum spray on polish or multi-surface cleaners. Make sure the polish or cleaner is recommended for use on aluminum. 

AHPCO Cell - Use compressed air to clean any build up of dust. Do not use water or wet the cell as this may remove the catalyst. Any removal of catalyst coating will decrease the effectiveness of your purifier and void the warranty. 

Bi-Polar Brush Heads - Use a dry cloth or compressed air to remove any dust or debris for optimal effectiveness.

Internal - Take a dry cloth and wipe inside the shell and around the aluminum brackets and the ballast or spray with compressed air