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The Differences Between a G3 and an iAdaptAirĀ®

The G3 Series (1000G3, 3000G3, 3000XG3) air purifiers are simple devices with an on/off switch, no fancy controls. It emits ions into the air which deactivate contaminants. This is a subtle technology that is highly effective and works overtime to keep your air and surfaces clean. The G3 Series is an ionizer, not a filter. It does not contain a filter of any kind.

The iAdaptAirĀ® combines True HEPA and carbon filtration with two forms of ionization plus UV light. This product will clear the air effectively using its five technologies. The filtration system circulates the air to trap contaminants as they pass through the iAdaptAirĀ®. In addition, the ionizer emits cold plasma ions to actively seek out contaminants in the air space and on surfaces. The iAdaptAirĀ® boasts a smart phone app and a control panel with various settings and controls.

 In summary, the G3 Series is a simpler and more straightforward ionizer, whereas the iAdaptAirĀ® combines multiple filter and ionization technologies, plus more technology for on-panel and smart phone/app-enabled remote control.