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G3 Series Troubleshooting Guide

Please follow these troubleshooting steps in the order they are listed.

  • Tools needed: A standard-size Phillips-head screwdriver is required in most cases. 
  • Note: A limited number of units sold require a Torx-T15 tamper-proof screwdriver. To contact us for a Torx-T15 conversion to your product, click here.


  • Risk of electrical shock. Unplug or disconnect the product from the power supply before handling.
  • UV light is harmful to the skin and eyes. Never look at the lamp while illuminated. To prevent exposure to ultraviolet light, disconnect power before handling.

If the air purifier is beeping, please click here to learn about the replacement part it needs. If not, please follow these troubleshooting steps in the following order.

 1. Verify the outlet has power. You can test this by plugging in another device, such as a phone charger, into the outlet and see if the power works on an alternate device. If the outlet has power, continue to step 2. If the outlet does not have power, plug your G3 into a different outlet. If it does not power on, continue to step 2.

 2. Remove and insert the barrel plug connector into the purifier ensuring that there is no obstruction or resistance preventing insertion.


If the blue LED light is shining, continue to Step 3. If not, click here to contact us.

 3. Unplug the product from its power source. 

 4. As indicated in the diagram below, remove the left and right screws that secure the outer aluminum shell to the base. Next, lift the rectangular aluminum shell off the back plastic base.

Visually inspect the inner workings for damage by viewing it from various angles, inspecting for damaged or broken parts. If no damage is found, continue to step 5. If so, click here to contact us.

 5. Before continuing on to the next troubleshooting steps, remove the cell containing the UV lamp for your protection. To do so, detach the 4-pin lamp connector from the base of the AHPCO® cell. Do not pull the wiring. 

 Note: You may need to unscrew the cell from the brackets.


Grab the white part of the lamp connector and wiggle it back and forth while pulling in a downward motion. If you are able to remove the lamp connector, continue to step 6. If not, click here to contact us.

 6. Ensure the purifier’s power switch is in the OFF position. Then, plug in the power supply. Without touching any of the internal electrical components, turn the blue power switch to the On position. Check the following items:

  • Is the fan spinning?
  • Is there anything blocking the fan from spinning?

It is normal to hear 3 beeps. If the fan is working correctly, continue to step 7. If the fan is not working, click here to contact us.

 7. Visually inspect the Bi-Polar® (short, thin, black)brush heads located on top of the fan. Ensure the brushes themselves are clean and all bristles are intact. Do not touch the brush heads while the purifier is powered on due to risk of electrical shock.

If the Bi-Polar® brush heads are clean and intact, continue to step 8. If not, click here to contact us. You may need to dry dust the brush heads with the unit powered off if there is a high-pitched whining sound.

 8. Turn the product to the OFF position and remove the barrel plug. Reconnect the 4-pin clip to the base of the AHPCO® cell and screw the cell back into the bracket, if applicable.


   9. Place the metal cover back onto the product and ensure that the screw outlets are aligned. The Air Oasis logo should be facing the opposite side of the blue power switch.                       

10. Insert the barrel plug into the purifier ensuring that there is no obstruction or resistance preventing insertion. Turn the product to the ON position and check the following: 

  • If there is a blue reflective light visible from the top honeycomb of the product, continue to the next step. If not, click here to contact us.
  • When the cover is on, is your purifier making a rattling noise? If so, click here to contact us.
  •  If you have made it to this point and your concern is not resolved, please contact Air Oasis Customer Excellence at 806-373-7788 or feedback@airoasis.com.