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How Often Do the iAdaptAirĀ® filters need to be changed?

The iAdaptAirĀ® has an expected filter life of 6-12 months. This life expectancy does depend on how you use your purifier.

 If placed in Smart Mode, the timers can be set in 2, 4, and 8-hour increments. The combination of the timer and fan settings plays a big part in the life expectancy of the iAdaptAirĀ® filter. For example, if the timer is set to run 8 hours a day on the low fan setting, the filter usage would be extended. If the purifier is running on the medium or high fan settings, this will decrease the filter usage time length. In addition, the level of airborne particles like dust can impact filter change intervals. For more information, please contact our Customer Excellence Team and we would be happy to talk about the iAdaptAirĀ® and what to expect from the purifier.