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How to Turn Off the iAdaptAirĀ® WiFi

The iAdaptAirĀ® default Wifi setting is enabled when it leaves the Air Oasis facility and can be turned off by the customer. This setting must be changed to Off following each time the unit is unplugged from its power source, if the user does not wish to use the WiFi feature. Follow these steps for turning off the WiFi:

  1. Hold the Fan Speed button for more than 3 seconds in standby mode. Standby mode is when the air purifier is plugged in and not turned on.
  2. The Wi-Fi will turn off. The Wi-Fi status will be shown by the red & green LED smiley face icons for one minute. 
    1. Red = Off
    2. Green = On
  3. If the purifier is unplugged for 5 seconds, the Wi-Fi will automatically restart after it is plugged back in.